We deliver a cost effective fiber job to you or your clients.

Fiber optics includes a wide array of optics and optical components that are involved in the transport of data, in the form of light, via transparent glass or plastic fibers. Everything from the basic fiber optic cables, to amplifiers, attenuators, connectors and couplers, fault locators, isolators, modulators, polarizers, power meters, receivers, switches, test sources, transmitters and transceivers, wavelength multiplexers.

We have executed several External Line Projects (ELP) in various locations across the country including civil work – survey/design, trenching, laying, backfilling, casting and installation of manhole, breaking/re-instatement of concrete and asphalt and telecom work – fibre pulling/blowing, splicing/termination, testing and commissioning.

What we do!

  1. Plant or site survey
  2. Design and installation of Campus fiber Network.
  3. Detail Engineering and Project Management for trenching and cable laying
  4. Single & multi-mode fiber plant and splicing
  5. Installation, testing and commissioning of fiber cable plant for transmission purpose.