Network Solutions

With the advent of converged voice and data technologies and the ever-increasing reliance placed on network services, network downtime has become even more costly.

As Network expectation has changed, so its design principles.
A well implemented Network project transcend just installation & operation. We are involved in Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization which are different stages of Network lifecycle.

Network Planning

A new network or a change to an existing one begins with planning. We define the following at this stage:
Requirement and strategy
Success criteria
Network Architecture

  1. Network Design
    AT this stage; we choose products, protocols and features based on criteria defined earlier in Planning like functionality, performance and cost

Network Implementation & Operation
We deliver a sound implementation plan which ensure smooth deployment, even when there are challenges. We also design and deliver support process either to be implemented by Nhames or our client, the support ot its process is to protect your network investment and help your staff prevent problems before they arise.

Network Optimization
Optimizing a network is required to get the best performance from a new network or an existing one, we do this firstly by doing the network analysis and after that fine-tuning or as simple as hardening servers against security threats or creating VLANs or dealing with virus issues as the case may be.

When are you due for Analysis?
End users are complaining about slow network connections
Your network has grown over the years
New applications are being rolled out and you need to know what impact they may have.
You are new to the company / position and don’t know the network.

The Benefits of Analysis
Identification of potential problems before they occur
Optimum network performance
Focus for additional investment in networking technologies.
Ability to make informed decisions on how proposed new systems will impact on the existing infrastructure. Detailed network analysis including diagrams will be given because of our up-to-date monitoring equipment
Cost efective with experienced and certified Network Analyst and Consultants