WAN Virtualization

What is WAN Virtualization:

WAN Virtualization enables businesses to build a WAN that is simultaneously less expensive, much higher bandwidth, much lower cost and with lower ongoing operational costs than today’s proprietary, single-vendor WANs.

  • Why WAN Virtualization:
    WAN Virtualization, allows enterprises to build networks with far lower bandwidth, far lower monthly cost, and greater reliability than a private MPLS or Frame Relay WAN.
  • WAN Virtualization provides application acceleration benefits.
  • WAN Virtualization dramatically improves performance at those times when the network is having issues with loss and jitter that would otherwise seriously harm application performance.

WAN Virtualization helps applications such as VoIP, apps like banking application, videoconferencing and Citrix/VDI, as well as the transfer of pre-compressed or encrypted files.

WAN Virtualization appliances choose network paths with the least packet loss and lowest jitter for such high-priority real-time or interactive traffic, and switches with sub-second response to a better path in the face of high loss or jitter.

Our Solution:

We are introducing a software based ‘Go Global’ WAN Virtualization which will make your application and printing run faster over the WAN